Our doula program:


Before birth,

we partner with mothers to develop a birth plan, offer comprehensive childbirth education classes, and answer questions about what their prison birthing experience will look like.


During labor,

we meet mothers at the hospital to provide emotional reassurance, decision-making help, and physical support.

Our goal is to help with communication between the birthing mother and care providers. Each of our doulas is experienced and familiar with the hospital and medical staff.


After birth,

most new mothers will only get 24 hours to spend with their baby before they are taken back to prison. During this time the doula will help the mother bond with her baby, assisting with breastfeeding if they choose. We strive to insure this time is as precious and uninterrupted as possible.


After ~24 hours,

the mothers must leave their newborn baby behind and are taken back to prison.

It’s incredibly emotional, trying, and terrifying.

The doula remains in contact with the mother and connects her with the right resources so that she can remain in contact with her family, or ensure safe placement of her baby.

The doula will visit the mother for postpartum visits to talk about her birthing experience, share her concerns, and hold space for the mother to feel and express emotions that are often suppressed due to the nature of prison.


MPDI’s vision

for the future includes opportunities for further bonding between the mother and her family, re-entry resources, mentorship opportunities, coordinated visits, and extra time to feed and bond with her baby.